Tree Trimming & Pruning Paxton MA

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services in Paxton MA

Do you want to keep your trees in excellent shape? You need to embrace TW Tree Care’s tree trimming and pruning service. Call 774-262-7954 to schedule an appointment.

Trees are beautiful but they are high-maintenance if you want them to stay healthy. That’s where tree trimming and pruning in paxton MA comes in. Proper trimming and pruning will ensure optimum plant health. However, the job is highly challenging and requires specialized tools.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about doing it! We are here to handle all of that and allow you to enjoy the benefits of having trees across your landscape.

At TW Tree Care, we proudly offer fast and efficient tree trimming and pruning in Paxton, MA, and the surrounding areas. We can visit your property to trim the trees, remove stray branches, and give your tree a nice, shapely appearance.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services Paxton MA
Tree Trimming & Pruning Paxton MA

Top Signs You Need Paxton, MA Tree Trimming and Pruning

You need tree trimming and pruning if:

  • Your trees have grown too close to utility lines
  • You have tree branches touching your home or dangling over your roof
  • It’s been more than three years since you last trimmed or pruned your trees
  • You want to make the trees look better and improve your yard’s curb appeal

When you notice any of these signs, that’s your cue to hire the most experienced team for tree trimming and pruning in Paxton, MA.

What We Do During Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning In Paxton, MA

Some of the things we do on the job include:

  • Crown Cleaning We use crown cleaning or crown reduction to remove diseased limbs and deadwood around the tree crown. The procedure opens up the crown, ensuring that the branches and limbs underneath get adequate sunlight.
  • Thinning. We do tree thinning if we notice branch clutter in your tree. Your tree needs it if two or more branches have crossed or are rubbing together.
  • Elevation. This process involves removing low-lying branches hanging too low over a pathway or sidewalk.
  • Deadwood removal. We remove dead branches to give the tree a chance to continue growing. If you ignore the dead parts, the tree will most likely die over time.

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Are you ready to make your property safer? Do you want to improve the property’s curb appeal? Call TW Tree Care today at 774-262-7954 for efficient tree trimming and pruning in Paxton, MA.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is the Best Time for Tree Trimming and Pruning?

The best time for tree trimming and pruning is either in early spring when the tree’s buds are yet to open, or in late winter when the tree is dormant. Wounds from cutting heal quicker during these periods, and there is a lower risk of disease.

Why Hire Professionals for the Job?

Tree trimming and pruning is a skill that takes years to master. You need to hire a professional to avoid risking your trees and your property.

How Much Will Tree Pruning and Trimming Cost?

The cost of the service depends on the size of your trees and the project’s complexity. Call now to receive a free estimate.

Why Choose TW Tree Care?

For Expert Tree Care Solutions

Why Choose TW Tree Care?

“Our team is trained in the art and science of tree care”

24/7 Emergency Professional

Our professionals are here for you 24/7 and will respond quickly to any emergency needs.

Tree Risk Assessment

Contact us today and we will create a free, custom quote for your project with upfront pricing.

Guaranteed Honest Work

In addition to top quality work and service, we operate under strict safety guidelines. Our commitment to doing what it takes to protect our customers’ property is our top priority.

Fully Licensed & Insured Company

All of our expert arborists are fully licensed and insured so you can rest assured that your property is in great hands.

Trained and Skilled Team

Our arborists are expertly trained and are proud members of the National Arborist Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.

TW Tree Care Service Is a Fully Certified & Insured Tree Service Company in Paxton, MA

TW Tree Care Professional Affiliations

TW Tree Care Professional Affiliations

TW Tree Care Professional Affiliations

TW Tree Care Professional Affiliations


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“The crew showed up on time and worked hard all day climbing and pruning many trees and trimmed two large arborvitae hedges. We are very happy with the job done. Excellent service for a reasonable price.”

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